Sarawak Malaysia

Sarawak has a coastline that runs 700 km along the northwestern side of Borneo. A good place to begin discovering its beauty is Damai Beach, in Santubong. This vacation spot is embraced by the South China Sea and has majestic jungle-clad Mount Santubong as its backdrop.

Some of state’s best beach resorts located here include the Holiday Inn Damai Beach Resort, Holiday Inn Damai Lagoon, Santubong Kuching Resort and Permai Rainforest Resort. A short drive away from this beach is the Sarawak Cultural Village, aliving museum of the various ethnic cultures in the state.

Located 90 kilometres from Kuching are the pristine beaches of Siar, Semantan, Penyok, ideal for swimming and sunbathing.

Just a 30-minute boat ride away from Damai Beach are the Satang Besar and Satang Kecil islands, sanctuaries for green turtles. Day trips can be made to the Satang Besar Island with the permission of the Talang-Satang National park office.

Sarawak’s National Parks offers a host of adventures for eco-lovers. Tanjung Datu National park, at the western tip of Sarawak, has some of the state’s most beautiful beaches and vibrant coral life. Similajau National Park, in the northeast, features golden sandy beaches that face the South China Sea. In Bako National park, discover a sandy coastline that is ideal for swimming and sunset watching. Sightings of the long nosed proboscis monkey, a species unique Borneo will be a memorable experience.

On the northmost corner of Sarawak, the long starches of beaches in Miri are a popular weekend gateway. The Luak Bay and Hawaii Beach are among the well-known shore in Miri. Miri is dubbed the gateway to adventure as it is the take-off point to exciting destinations such as Mulu Caves, Niah Caves, Lambir Hills and Borneo Highlands.


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